Becquer is an old, wonderful cat of 15 years old. When Susie came into his life he was just…. I know now… leaving us, eating badly, super skinny, not moving, not present, not purring, and just making his way as a pancreatitis and tumor in the stomach was eating him slowly. Susie’s reiki and understanding of his situation, her advises towards my reaction to his illness, has make him get better and better. After each season of reiki he seem to be very concentrate, then inmediately goes to eat, running happy like a child. Little by little he is back, warm, present, peaceful, just peaceful, he purrs a lot, has a better hair and has won some weigh. Tumor and pancreatitis in a 15 year old boy is really something, we don’t know how that will evolve, but what is clear is that the cat now wants to stay with some time more and wants to do it in the better posible way. I have no words to express what energy, love and understanding of cat’s nature can lead to. Thank you, Susie.