Is healing for you?

Healing can mean many things

  • It helps to dissolve stress and anxiety
  • It helps with physical issues, encouraging the body to heal itself
  • It helps to connect you to your intuition and creativity
  • It helps you regain your optimism and self empowerment
  • It helps to heal past traumas
  • It helps to clear the feeling of being lost/stuck/stagnant

Ultimately it helps you to

find your wings and fly

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes deep healing.
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Conscious Breathing

Is an ancient tool for personal transformation involving the conscious use of the breath and mind. It connects the two together bringing about powerful integration and understandings.
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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice, practiced worldwide by our ancestors. Through Shamanism we learn to live in our power and discover our purpose in life.

Hello, I’m Susie

It is nice to meet you through the Ethernet, even though we may not meet or talk.

I am a Reiki Master with a scientific training in Biology. My life is an African story. I was born in Kenya, farmed in Zambia, but schooled in Scotland. With strong African roots I am now based in Barcelona.

Healing deeply is something that I have experienced personally and continue to experience. I highly recommend it. It is not always the easy path to take but it is a path that leads to the heart.

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